Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc.

Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc was founded by business partners Ubaldo Alvarez and Divinier Suarez, two individuals with many years of experience serving the disability community.
Alvarez has served people with all kinds of disabilities since 1993, as a director and administrator of disability programs in Miami Dade County. He is as comfortable providing direct care to his clients, as he is administering the various programs he has designed or when training his associates.


One of the main aspects of Alvarez' committment to the disability community is his unwavering loyalty to his clients and their cause. He trains his associates in the tradition of encouraging clients to be self-advocates and shows them the tools to be just that.

Co-founder Suarez is a trained nurse who has served the disability community for more than five years in different capacities, as a direct care provider, job coach, and program administrator. He assists Alvarez in the implementation of the company programs, and maintaining high standards of quality and consumer satisfaction.

Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc serves clients all throughout Miami Dade, Monroe, Broward, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, De Soto, and Sarasota counties.

We believe in screening, training, and close supervision of our associates. Consequently, you'll get a professional to assist you in anyone of the services we provide. We hire only the very best.

Our associates are paid competitively, and their wages are deposited directly in their bank accounts. If you are looking for a job in the home health care field, call us. You'll be happpy to work with us. You must fulfill our qualifications requirements and be willing to embrace a philosophy of client empowerment, independence and respect for all. We expect the very best from all our associates!

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