Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc.

Alvarez and Suarez Support has the mission to provide high quality support services, so that people with developmental disabilities can achieve their highest level of independence, self-sufficiency, and happiness.

The organization works under agreement with the State of Florida Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver program, and it is certified to provide services under the Four Tier System. We provide services in Areas 10, 11, covering Miami Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties. We travel to your location and provide services on-site, no matter where you live in the South Florida.

To be our client you must be referred to us by your waiver support coordinator for any of the following services:
         Supported Employment:

We will assist you find that job you always wanted!

Let's explore different possibilities together and find out what it is you can do best. Then, we'll help you make your employment dream a reality. We will be close by, even after you start working to help you smooth things over when times are rough. Jobs R Us!

            Supported Living:

Want to live on your own, or with a roommate? Then this service is for you. We provide you with assistance to succeed on your own, manage your own space, your time and life in general. We'll be there to help you set everything up to live independently, from utilities to furniture; from meeting your neighbors to get the most out of your community!
   Personal Care Assistance (PCA):

This service is designed to assist you perform those daily activities that may be difficult for you to perform by yourself, such as bathing, grooming, house chores, errands, etc. We have it all figured out for you!


​                   Companion:

Get community training and have some fun while you are at it!. Companion services are individually planned and can be as simple as assisting you go fishing, shopping, etc, or as complex as helping you understand how your own computer works. There are field-trips, social activities, and practical learning in a fun environment that fits your needs and interests. We are sure you'll love this service!

About Us

             ​​In-Home Supports:

This is a service for those who live on their own. Children under 21 may also qualify for this service. In-Home Supports provides assistance in all aspects of daily leaving, helps with chores around the house, assists with errands, etc. From shopping to cleaning, we've got you covered!

​​                   Respite care:

This service provides hours of care to the recipient, so that the main caregiver can take a break and tend to their own affairs, for example when a parent needs to visit the doctor, or take a short vacation. Parents and caregivers in general can be sure their loved one is well cared for by Alvarez and Suarez Support associates. You'll be well-taken care of with us, missing nothing of your daily routine. You will have some fun also!
Each of the above-mentioned program designs is based on individual choice and self-determination. Alvarez and Suarez Support provides self-advocacy trainnig to their clients, so that they and their families are better equipped to fight for their rights in this times of uncertainty, when programs and services are being reduced or cut at all levels.

We are professionals, and we have a heart too. We love what we do!
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