Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc.

Alvarez and Suarez Support provides services to people with developmental disabilities under the iBudget program. Also, the organization provides Personal Care services to children under 21 with developmental disabilities regardless of whether they are or not waiver recipients.

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We welcome all recipients living in Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe counties!!

All you need to do is tell your Waiver Support Coordinator to refer you to our services. You'll be glad you did!
The mission of Alvarez and Suarez Support, Inc is to provide the best quality care services for Medicaid Waiver consumers, so that they can achieve their maximum degree of independence, self-determination, and happiness.
Our Mission
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What to expect from our services

We will make your services and training fun and interesting at the same time.

You will be out in your community, getting the most out of it. No more sitting at home or in a classroom if you qualify for our Companion or Supported Employment services!

Also, our services are designed by you and for you, so that they meet your needs and preferences. We track your progress on a daily basis, so that you will know exactly how much you are improving and what areas need more attention.

Our staff will make it possible for you to work, live independently, and reach the maximum of your potential. All you need to do is work as our partner in reaching your personal goals. We are just the facilitators.

You can expect lots of questions from us when you become our client. These questions help us understand how you want our services to be provided to you.

Also expect someone to call you from time to time to ask you how satisfied you are and if you want us to do something differently. We want our clients happy at all times!
We empower our clients every step of the way!
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